Install Skype for Business on Windows With Office 365

If you wanted to install Skype for Business on Windows, then you can easily do it with Office 365. BUT you have to make sure that Skype for Business on Windows is included in the Office 365 for business plan you purchased. If you don’t then the following steps may not even work for you. However, there’s no reason for you to despair as there are alternative ways to do it. Skype for Business on Windows is one of the important messaging tools to conduct meetings and communications especially if your colleagues are located from different locations. It is also an amazing tool whenever you wanted to conduct an online classroom or presentation when all your participants is unable to meet you face-to-face. Anyways, let us start.

Skype for Business on Windows With Office 365

Install Skype for Business on Windows with Office 365

If you have purchased Office 365 or your company purchased it for you then we can try to check if Skype for Business on Windows is included in the plan. Here’s the step how you can check and install:

1. Go and login to your Office 365 Portal page or Office 365 Login page.

2. Then once you are on your dashboard or default page, look for the gear-like icon (most of the time it is located at the right top-most side of the window) near your account name.

3. Click the Office 365 link.

Step 1 - Office 365

4. Click Software

Step 2 - Install Software

5. Then on the next page, you will quickly spot and see the Skype for Business if it was included in the plan which I mentioned earlier.

Step 3 - Skype for Business on Windows With Office 365

6. You are almost done, all you have to do is hit the Install button to start with the installation. Note that it will ask you to close all Microsoft related application and it will take time (less than 30mins depending on the speed of your Internet connection and machine).

7. Just wait until it completes the installation and that’s it!

Go for Skype for Business Basic

Alternatively, if you don’t see the Skype for Business on Windows in your Office 365 there is an alternative way to still use the application to conduct online meetings, video calls, or IM. You can use and download the Skype for Business Basic. It has the most basic features you will need.

Credits: Microsoft Support

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