How Volvo VNL Truck And A 3-Year Old Kid Sets Guinness World’s Largest Unboxing – Truly Amazing!

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Trucks is one of the known favorite toys of any kids – as far I know! But have you imagined what happens if a 3-year-old kid like Joel Jovine, a truck enthusiast, opens a literally “big box” with a really neat Volvo VNL truck inside? His reaction was so adorable! And guess what? They’ve set the Guinness Record and now holds the title “World’s Largest Unboxing“. If I may say so, their YouTube video “The new Volvo VNL – World’s largest unboxing starring 3-year-old Joel” is one of their best Volvo commercial. Not only that, it also became one of the most viewed and trending Volvo commercial video. As of writing this, it already gained 1,622,975 views and 1,274 likes.

New Volvo VNL - Largest Unboxing

The automotive company, Volvo Trucks North America and their team, admitted it wasn’t that easy to prepare for this World’s largest unboxing. First, the Volvo VNL truck needs to be wrapped in a real-life size box. A cardboard box measuring 80 feet long x 14 feet wide x 18 feet tall was assembled to cover the whole truck. The truck was like 72 feet in length. You can check the “behind the scene” video below when the whole team prepared for this monumental event.

Let us see the World’s largest unboxing video of Volvo VNL truck starring a 3-year old Joel Jovine, truck enthusiast.

As you can see from the video, Joel Jovine, hopped inside the truck to inspect what’s inside this monster machine. And like any normal excited kids, he checked all sides of the truck – even the fridge! From the Volvo commercial video (that’s how I categorize it), the interior of the new VNL truck series looks amazing!

In the scene also, you will see Michael Empric, Guinness World Records Adjudicator. He witnessed and monitored the whole unboxing scene. One of the considerations that needs to be done so that Volvo can mark its name in Guinness Record is the size of the object to unwrap. Also, the box, like a normal toy box, it has to be designed like a traditional box. It also needs to encapsulate the whole truck with cardboard materials and cellophane.

Check out the video below to show how did the team prepared for this event.

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