Why Theme Junkie Have The Best WordPress Theme Support

There are so many WordPress premium themes over the Internet but which one gets the title “best WordPress theme support“?

There are so many WordPress premium themes offered over the Internet but which one gets the title “best WordPress theme support“? Why Theme Junkie theme? Probably that is your next question to me. Before I go any further, I have nothing against with other WordPress themes developers. I admire them for their big contribution. However, the fact remains that each of us bloggers have their own needs when planning to build a blog or website. And one of the most common we usually look for is “presentation”. What I mean is the entire design and structure of the theme.

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I am sure money to buy one great and best theme will be the least thing that you will be worried about. Surely, you are willing to spend a couple of dollars as part of your investment. But are you certain that the theme you are buying is worth every dollar?

I once read this post from Harsh Agrawal, owner of ShoutMeLoud, about free versus premium WordPress themes. His article have given valid points comparing the two. And it made me realize something in the end after he mentioned about support. Why did I stayed and kept on using Theme Junkie? And so I went back during the time when I gave up creating my own customized WordPress theme. During that time I was able to narrow down my list to two – Genesis Studio Press and Theme Junkie. To be honest I bought each so that I can gauge which one suits my needs. But among the two, I immediately fell in love with the latter. As of the moment, this tech blog is powered by WordPress and HostGator and we’re using Theme Junkie as for our WordPress theme. And this is not the only blog sites where I am using Theme Junkie.

Without any further adieu, I will give you an overview on why I personally feel recommending Theme Junkie. And why I was impressed with their usual support.

Best WordPress Theme Support Goes To Theme Junkie

If you purchased a premium WordPress theme from Theme Junkie, you can be sure that they have you covered. Especially if you are not a tech or code savvy. So it doesn’t matter if you lack knowledge in coding PHP, Javascript, or HTML because you can learn these little by little as you go along with the installation. Here’s a typical scenario that can happen. You decided to buy for a premium WordPress theme, and so you’ll pay their website a visit. Then you can choose from their wide list of WordPress themes. Once you purchase one, you will then install it on your WordPress website theme options. Then the challenge begins. You will now have so many questions in your mind like – “Why my blog doesn’t seem to look like as compared to that one in the demo site?“. Or you will have more other questions like customization.

Installation guide, this is what you will need first right after you installed the new theme. And that’s what you’ll like from the developers of Theme Junkie. They made it sure that the installation and setup guide are all documented. Even the recommended plugins that you will need. Well, I am sure other premium WordPress companies have that too. Like with Genesis, when I purchased their Magazine Pro.

Of course, you don’t want your website to be a total replica of what’s in the demo site. You also wanted to add more codes and customization like adding your Google Analytics, your own footers, additional header codes. Or even customizing the fonts, orientation, and many more. That’s where Theme Junkie support forum is all about. This is the main reason why I considered Theme Junkie having the best WordPress theme support. Their forum section is pretty much organized as compared to others.

Theme Junkie’s support forum is divided into 3 main topics – General, Premium Themes, and Free Themes. If you want to get the best WordPress theme support, just take a look into their support forum website. I am sure you will not get lost and any questions will be answered or clarified back. There’s no stupid question as it is understandable that the main reason you posted a question there is because you are in need of answers.

You asked a question and you are pretty much expecting an answer – as fast and as soon as possible, right? So what about the response time? Well, most of the time a question raised will be answered by other users who are online. They will suggest, ask further relevant questions, or tell you that they have the same issues. But in most cases, a developer (especially Radek) will give you the answers you needed within 24 hours. Not bad, really! Unlike the support from HostGator during my registration (LOL!).

In my few years with Theme Junkie, I’ve gained so much knowledge which helped me to do my own customization. And that’s another benefit you will get from the questions and answers within the support forum. Knowledge and additional information. That’s one thing that’s transparent. You will learn to optimize your WordPress site more.

There you have it! I don’t know your experiences with your own WordPress Theme support group. Probably you can share it with us here through our comment section. But so far, I can’t find any other companies or developers who can give the best WordPress theme support.

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