How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Phone

I guess the important question here is why should you add or install a tempered glass screen protector on your phone – Android, Apple, Windows, or Nokia alike? Isn’t it just another accessory that will cost me to waste money? Indeed it is nothing but an add-on for your mobile phone; however, we are now in an era where mobile technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And by saying that, your smartphone becomes now an important asset and you have to protect it. I, myself relies heavily on my smartphone for my daily activities at work and blogging. I need to be updated with my e-mails – that’s the most important thing for me. Also, I need to be updated with my schedules, especially with my important meetings. And because of that, I need to protect those things that make me productive and I’ve decided to protect my smartphone’s screen by adding another layer – a tempered glass screen protector. And for this video, we will be using Pro Glas Tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 4S. We will be showing you how you can do it all by yourself.

How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Phone

How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Phone

1. IMPORTANT: You need to ensure that your hands are clean before you start.

2. Inside the Pro Glas Tempered Glass box includes an Alcohol Pad. Use this pad to clean your phone screen. Make sure you clean it well and all the dusts have been removed.
3. Then, wipe out the excess alcohol from your screen using the microfiber cloth – also included in the package. Make sure you leave it dry.
4. Peel the protective layer off. Then gently place over the adhesive side on top of your smartphone’s screen.
5. Make sure that you align the glass to your smartphone’s screen – you only have one shot you know. Watch out for the cut-outs, make sure they are aligned with your smartphone’s buttons, mouthpiece, earpiece.
6. This part is amazing. Now that the glass is aligned, press gently the middle part of the glass. Watch and wait for the adhesive part to spread across your screen.
7. Then peel-off the protective layer – we’re almost done here.
8. If you notice any bubbles under your tempered glass screen protector, use your microfiber cloth and wipe the glass starting off from the center.

That’s it! You have now successfully installed a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. Wasn’t that easy?

I got this tips and simple steps from a friend of mine who sells mobile accessories here in the Philippines – And you can avail his Tempered glass screen protector for a price of PhP 300.00 and protect your smartphone from shock and scratches.

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