On-Demand-Air Flying Taxi A Possibility? Meet Lilium Jet, World’s First Electric VTOL Jet

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An on-demand-air flying taxi? I mean literally, a flying taxi cab whenever you need it to escape from bad and heavy traffic? Or even if you are in a rush? It’s no longer trivial and it seems inevitable that in the “very” near future we’ll see flying cars. Now, check out this another advance engineering company, Lilium, as they actually made their first maiden test flight successfully.

Lilum Jet 2-seater Eagle prototype Maiden Test Flight
Lilum Jet 2-seater Eagle prototype Maiden Test Flight

Our technology is getting complex and complex everyday and as a result we’re seeing more great inventions and innovations. An example is the hybrid flying car manufactured by AeroMobil which will start to ship out sometime in 2020. But you will need to have at least $1.3 Million USD before you can own one.

Lilium Team was very successful with the maiden test flight of their Lilium Jet 2-seater Eagle prototype over the skies of Bavaria. Their work was considered as world’s very first electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing).

With this successful test flight, the team is now aiming to go to the next level – up-scaling. This means that the company will develop a larger version of Lilium jet. A 5-seater version of our Lilium Jet, designed for on-demand air taxi and ride-sharing services. If you are familiar with car pooling like Uber or Grab taxi does – this is the same idea.

A flying taxi in the future? Not bad, eh?

Here’s Lilium jet maiden test flight they uploaded in their Youtube channel a few days ago.

Credits: Lilium News

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