MWC 2015: Huawei Watch Looks The Best Elegant Android Wear Ever

Yes folks, it looks like Huawei Watch will be the best elegant Android wear this year – or not? Huawei is a Chinese multinational company known for networking and telecommunications devices and equipment. This year, we will see something new from the company. This includes their new Android wearable wrist watch called Huawei Watch.

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Huawei Watch at MWC 2015

Just before the next MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Huawei Watch was seen released in Huawei’s official YouTube channel. Unfortunately Huawei set the Huawei videos to Private now. was able to obtain the copy of the leaked Huawei Watch. You better watch it now before Huawei asks Youtube to turn the copy down.

Huawei Watch promotional video


The video, though it looks awkward for most, shows the new Huawei Watch. It shows a man wearing the new wearable wrist Android-based watch from Huawei. He used the sleek and rounded watch for navigation along the snowy mountain and meet his friends.

Huawei Watch: What we know so far.

The new HuaWei Watch Android wear looks classy and elegant. We don’t have any substantial information as of now about the price and full specification of Huawei Watch. The metal watch Android wear looks similar to Moto 360, LG G Watch R and the recent LG Watch Urbane.

HuaWei Watch Features

This watch has a diameter that measures at about 42mm. Also, it sports a Sapphire display and stainless steel uni-body casing. The watch will come out in 3 colors – silver, black, and gold. It was also said that the company promises to release a wide variations of watch straps.

It also have some built-in app based on the video. Android apps like heart-rate monitor, fitness tracking, navigation app, and many more.

So far these are the only information we have based on the leaked reports and video. We have no information on other important aspects like the Android version if this will be the home-based version or Android Lollipop. Another thing that we’re waiting for is the battery.

We will make sure that we will keep you updated. And it is more likely that we’ll see more of Huawei Watch in MWC 2015.

Source: Droid Life

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10 thoughts on “MWC 2015: Huawei Watch Looks The Best Elegant Android Wear Ever

  1. theresa

    The watch looks like a real classical watch. I am thinking of a better and elegant android wear than this, the one from Sony. 🙂

  2. len

    wow there’s a huawei watch? so interesting, i thought it’s only the cellphones;) great!

  3. sef tiburcio (

    Woah! Those watches, they are of a good quality but I am very concerned about its price. Hopefully, they’ll make it more affordable here in the Philippines.

  4. Alissa

    Looks like there’s an Apple watch competition going along here. I lov the design and technology really is advanced now. From smart phones to smart watch. Awesome!

  5. Franc Ramon

    This sure beats other digital looking wearables. Great job Huawei on making wearables more fashionable.

  6. Irish

    The design looks so cool and elegant. I’m still not convince with the use of smart watches and it’s not important for my lifestyle anyway. Maybe in the near future, when they have more development for this gadget, I might change my mind.

  7. Sam

    Smart watches are the next best thing! Wonder when I can get my hands on those things

  8. melandria romero

    very interesting, with all the modern design of android watches, it’s so nice to own one.

  9. Rohit Pharate

    Thanks Arsie Organo Jr. for giving detail info. This is great ever, I like this,

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