How To Check If Someone Logged in your Windows Computer

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You are certain that you have shut down your Windows computer before you left the office. Then the next day, you can see your monitor’s on and your screensaver’s running. Shocking and confusing isn’t it? It looks like that someone did logged into your Windows computer without you knowing it.

No need to panic. There are various methods or ways where you can proactively protect your Windows computer system from such events. And I will document them all for you one of these days. For now, here’s a quick way on how you can immediately check and verify if someone did logged into your Windows computer and when did that happened.

How To Check If Someone Logged in your computer

By the way, if you are using Windows 7 Professional and up on your Windows computer system then at one point of time you will need Administrative access – especially on the steps we will show you. You will be accessing the stamped events on your Windows 7 Event Viewer.

How To Check the Date/Time of Unauthorized Windows Computer Log-In

  1. Boot up your Windows computer system. We will be using Windows 7 for this example.
  2. Locate and open your Event Viewer. For Windows 7, it’s much easier to find an app when you hit that Start button. You just need to type the name of the application.
  3. On the left panel of your Event viewer, click Windows Logs – System.
  4. Then once the log events loads, sort it by Date and Time. In this way, you can check when did the unauthorized log-in happened.
  5. After that, you can scroll down and look for Winlogon under the Source column.
  6. Double-click the last event of Winlogon so that you can get further information.
  7. Once the pop-up window comes out, you can take note of the time when somebody logged into your Windows computer.

Check when your Windows computer was hijacked – Video

Here’s the video to illustrate the steps above.


What’s Next?

You should not ignore this incident now that you have seen in your Windows computer’s Event Viewer that somebody did accessed your computer. You need to take actions or else this incident might happen again. You can follow these simple steps.

  • Update your Windows antivirus software – ALWAYS!
  • Make sure you scan your Windows computer system regularly to make sure that you don’t have any Trojan viruses or virus infected files.
  • Change your password regularly. Read more about the list of worst passwords last year and DON’T do the same mistake.
  • Make your password long and complicated. The password should be 8 alphanumeric characters. A combination of lowercase and uppercase with numbers and special character. The more complicated and sophisticated your password is, the harder it is to break.
  • Don’t re-use your old password – NEVER!
  • Report to your IT or System Administrator for any unauthorized logins on your computer.
  • Always have a backup. You can never tell whether someone plans to delete your files.

Never think that hackers are dumb. These guys will not stop if they want to get something from your Windows computer. So make sure you are always protected. And you should backup your flies so that you can prevent losing data or files.

Can you share some more tips on how to protect our Windows computer system to avoid invalid logins?

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