How To Add An Archive Page for AquaMag Theme (Theme-Junkie)

Most blog owners rely on what their WordPress Themes can offer them. WordPress can offer each bloggers their desired design, and along with it are the templates. But there are WordPress themes have missing templates. Intentionally or not, it is up to you to patch them up by manually adding it.

One example is the AquaMag WordPress theme from Theme-Junkie where the Archive Template is missing. Bug Thinking is using AquaMag and one of the things I wanted to offer my reader is an Archive page section. And that is the one I think is missing from this amazing theme. That’s why I’ve added one.

In this article, I will share with you how you can add an Archive page on your blog if you’re using AquaMag Theme. Here’s an example of Bug Thinking’s Archive page.

Things You Need To Create An Archive Page

Before you proceed, here’s some of the simplest thing you’ll need so that you can add an Archive page on your AquaMag WordPress Theme.

  • Any text editor such as Windows Notepad or better yet Notepad++
  • Administrator access to your WordPress Dashboard Panel
  • CPanel or FTP access your domain
  • And the most important of all – open mind! 🙂

Steps to Create an Archive Page

From hereon you will be creating now your own custom Archive page for your WordPress theme. You can do it locally first as not to harm your blog site if anything breaks. But I can assure you that the codes that I will be sharing were tested.

Further Reading:

Let’s proceed.

  1. Log in to your WordPress blog site and then go to Appearance > Editor.
  2. Select the theme to edit. By default, you’re already on AquaMag theme editor. But some, like Bug Thinking, is using the theme child. So I had to switch theme.
  3. On your right side, look for the 404 Template page (404.php). Click that template.AquaMag Theme 404 Template
  4. Copy the whole code code from the left window.
  5. Open your text Editor. I will be using Notepad++ for this example. Paste the code on a blank page.Notepad++
  6. Now, let’s focus on the code pasted in Notepad++. First, delete the following codes/lines since we will be inserting some new lines needed for your Archive page. Refer to Code 1 below.
  7. Next is to add the following line to indicate that what we’re doing is a template. Refer to Code 2.
  8. The following lines will be the final touches. This will contain now your Archive page template. You can further enhance it by referring to WordPress Codex page for creating Archive page template. Refer to Code 3.
  9. Save the Archive page template you created.
  10. There you have it, we’re almost done. It’s time for you to upload this new template to your domain. You can either use your CPanel or upload the new template. You must upload it to your theme directory. Example: /<home directory>/wp-content/themes/aquamag/page-templates.
  11. Then add a new page. On your right panel, you can select which template you need. Use the archive page template you’ve created.Archive page template

There you have it!

Code 1 – Deleting unwanted codes

Code 2 – Adding indicator that this is a Archive page Template

Code 3 – Insert the following codes

Code 4 – The final Archive page template code

I hope this article helped you in creating your own Archive page template especially if you’re using AquaMag theme from Theme-Junkie.

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