How Physicians Can Get Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps?

Today, the potential of Augmented Reality technology is endless and it is one of the most promising digital technologies that help various industries like architecture, education, advertising, medicine, manufacturing etc. Augmented Reality can also be a milestone in Healthcare Industry which was discussed in this related topic.

How Physicians Can Get Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps

This advanced technology is considered as an excellent way of combining the real world and virtual world by overlaying digital data onto the real-world analogue views. When it comes to talking about AR for physicians, it is rapidly gaining popularity among medical professionals.

With enormous capabilities of AR, it becomes a lot easier for physicians to perform complex surgical procedures easily. They have extolled this technology for its abilities as it enables them to not only perform complex surgeries easily, but it also provides post operative care.

A lot different than Virtual Reality apps that have replaced user environment with computer-generated images, Augmented Reality apps injects non-existent objects into the real world. As per one recent article, mobile Augmented Reality will be a $108 billion market by 2021 (underperform $94 billion and outperform $122 billion).The AR is taking a big share of $83 billion, whereas Virtual Reality $25 billion.

Coming back to augmented reality healthcare solutions, physicians will be surprised to know how different Augmented Reality healthcare applications can benefit them. Even various AR healthcare apps installed devices being used by leading hospitals in the USA.

Let’s have a look into detail information how physicians can get benefit of Augmented Reality applications:

Better Understand Symptoms of Patients

When it comes to describing medical symptoms, many patients find it difficult to explain their symptoms clearly. Therefore, physicians find it hard to understand their patients’ right problem and what their actual symptoms are.

If the symptoms are explained clearly by patients, doctors can make the right diagnosis and develop the best treatment plan accordingly. Now, patients can easily give a better description of their symptoms with augmented reality as this technology evolved a lot in the industry.

EyeDecide is one such application that helps doctors simulate different eye problems for patients – allowing patients to identify which set of symptoms matches theirs. The application comes with fully interactive 3D anatomical models, which can be manipulated with the touch of a finger.

With some of the other applications like it on the horizon, specialists can get the tools to help patients describe and demonstrate so that doctors can understand their symptoms and disease to treat it better.

Streamlining the Field of View

Physicians and health professionals need to use surgical instruments to be inserted through a small cut on a patient’s skin when it comes to talking about the minimally invasive procedures. Some of the cases comprise the use of endoscope cameras to record video images of operation shown on the monitor.

In such cases, surgeons and physicians have to divide their views into multiple work spaces like a patient, monitor and seeing the medical imaging data, etc. These things can complicate the surgical tools because of a physician, you need to collect the information from multiple spaces and remember the details mentally. But Augmented Reality Medical apps can help you to display entire information in one field of view.

Ease to Give Medical Education to their Team

Physicians and senior doctors can leverage the benefit of augmented brochures so they can easily educate junior doctors and interns, who are practising on new therapies and drugs.

Even one of the professors and also doctor Roger Joerger make use of Augmented Reality for coursework and for practicals so that he can explain his students and jr. doctors about different therapies and demonstrate dental models.

Students and their team of doctors can easily access the models anytime and anywhere by scanning the custom trackers and check the models instantly. Today, AR has streamlined the entire way of communication among doctors, patients, professors and students.

Better Drug Descriptions

Do you know that lots of patients are trying to understand how a drug works inside their body? They read the label to understand, but it is quite difficult for them. However, with Augmented Reality, doctors can easily show their patients about drugs like how drugs work in the body.

Using AR technology based apps, patients can scan packaging or printed materials to discover the drug’s benefits and mode of action. For instance, patients will be able to access the drug’s description by just scanning it.

Moreover, a complete guide and step-by-step instructions will be presented on the mobile device screen through augmented reality. It is the most advanced way to resolve the problems of patients, who want to get information about the drug.


Augmented Reality has been revolutionising the healthcare industry significantly, from medical training to pharmacy benefit management to helping doctors in surgeries. With the advancement in AR technology, every individual from doctors to patients can get enormous benefits.

For doctors, it helped them in training and education, enabling better understand their patients’ disease and treat them accordingly. There are various biggest hospitals that are opting for augmented reality medical applications to serve their customers better. Even you can find different augmented reality companies that are working hard to develop top AR medical apps to help physicians and patients.

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