Come On Guys! Watch This… Are you this gross?

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I spotted this unbelievably gross video clip on YouTube this morning while I am having my coffee. And my first reaction after the first few seconds while watching the video clip was… “Come on… really?!!

Watch This... Are you this gross

This less than 2-minute video shows what a typical guy will do for each certain scenario. Like what will he do if he can’t find his toothbrush then he’ll use his finger to rub against his teeth with toothpaste. Or using a freshener to cover that filthy smell from a used shirt so that he can wear again. And many more… well it’s actually six scenarios only.

I am guilty (sometimes…) with not having a tweezers whenever I really need it. So I had to pick them even if it hurts so bad. But I don’t think it’s gross. Not if you don’t do it on public.

Watch this video below, and tell me if you’re guilty as well.

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