Best Guitar Tuning App For Android, IOS, and Windows Phone

We spotted another cool and think the best guitar tuning app for Android. Actually this guitar tuner app can also be installed and used on other smartphone platforms like iOS and Windows phone. You don’t have to be a PRO before you can “perfectly” tune your guitar and get the best sound from it.

Best Free Guitar Tuner App For Android

Meet “Guitar Tuna“, the number one tuner worldwide and best guitar tuning app. It works on almost any type of guitar – acoustic, bass, electric, Ukulele and many more. The app is just amazing. It has a fast and accurate string detection to identify the notes.

Even if you are a beginner, you can tune up your guitar in no time with this app. All you have to do is download the Guitar Tuna app depending on your device’ operating system. Install. And then start tuning! As easy as that.

But there’s more. Guitar Tuna is not just a guitar tuner app. There’s a reason why we consider this app amazing and the best guitar tuning app.

Why Guitar Tuna is the Best Guitar Tuning App?

This is not the first time you will see an app that can help you tune up your guitar. That’s certainly true! You can Google it and you will see a list of available apps you can download. However, as of now Guitar Tuna is our best pick that we can recommend to you. Why? Here are some of the reasons why we feel that way.

  • Pro or not, you can install it on your device.
  • Easy to use. Totally user-friendly!
  • You can configure it to tune your guitar, electric, bass, ukulele, and many more – that flexible
  • Clear visual feedback with signal history – simple and intuitive
  • You can switch to inverted strings to support left-handed musicians
  • Noisy background? No worries, the app works in noisy conditions. The app have a noisy background cancellation.
  • A great tool for beginners to enhance your skills
  • Additional fun games to learn tabs
  • Super easy Metronome
  • The best of all… the app is totally FREE!

The Guitar App is one of the best products from Yousician, Ltd. And I think we can expect more and more from the company and we will see more improvements in the future for this best guitar tuning app.

You can download Guitar Tuna below:

Download from Google Play
Download from App Store
Download from Windows

Here’s a video from a colleague who used the best guitar tuning app on his Android smartphone.


Are you using a different guitar tuning app? Care to share that with us?

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