Best Call Recorder Gadget for iPhone: Supports All Voice Calls on iOS

Why would someone need a call recorder gadget for iPhone if there are iOs apps?

I am guessing there will be questions like, “why should I get call recorder gadget for iPhone?“. We expect this kind of question from most of our readers. Especially if there are readily available call recorder apps from Apple Store iTunes. However, most of the iPhone apps can only record calls with the phone dialer app. Most of the time, these apps are not built to support all Apple apps where you can conduct outgoing and incoming calls. Some of the known apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat – recording call exchanges can be a pain. In a corporate world, Skype is one of the most popular messaging tool where they usually conduct meeting calls. And if you are in the corporate world, you’d understand how fast and busy things are. You cannot always guarantee that you’d remember everything you discussed throughout the conversation. Well, unless you are using Skype for Business which has an option to record meetings or presentations. There will be times when you want to review the whole conversation and you won’t have an app, device, or gadget to do that. This is one of the things that PhotoFast tries to resolve. And they are now introducing their Call Recorder gadget for iPhone.

PhotoFast’s Call Recorder gadget for iPhone has the capability to record all calls from your mobile, including most known communication apps. This iPhone gadget is one of its kind where not only you can record any kinds of calls, you can also store and share the saved recordings.

PhotoFast Call Recorder gadget for iPhone
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iPhone is Great but…

Since the birth of Apple iPhone, many were astonished and even loved the device because of the technology and design. However, in the name of simplicity and portability, Apple (well most mobile devices), removed some features which most people loved. If not removed, was not considered. Features like recording phone calls,support for 3.5 mm headphone jack (for iPhone 7) and even the support for microSD card reader. But still, iPhone is one of the most trusted and popular mobile devices in the market. Many people are still patronizing this device despite of these missing features.

PhotoFast Call Recorder Can Do What?

With PhotoFast Call Recorder gadget for iPhone, you will just need to plug the dongle into the iPhone’s lightning port and viola! You will now have the capability to record any call conversation – whether incoming or outgoing calls. Or even when you are using he iPhone WiFi Calling services. The recorded calls are saved in .m4a format which is compatible in our digital world. You can save the recordings on your iPhone’s internal memory.  Or you can add a microSD card in the Call Recorder slot and save all conversations there. In this way, you can save more memory space on your phone and even share the recordings from your microSD card. Not only you can use the microSD card to do the call recordings, but also you can use it to save your photos, music and other contents. And with the 3.5 mm headphone jack, you can easily do calls and even listen your music from iTunes or Spotify.

After a call is recorded, you can also edit it. You can omit or remove the unwanted parts of the conversation and save again. You also have the option to add security on your data recordings so that it cannot be accessed easily.

PhotoFast Call Recorder Specs
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You can watch the PhotoFast Call Recorder gadget for iPhone promotional video below. You can visit Indiegogo’s marketplace website if you are interested to know more about PhotoFast Call Recorder. And if you are interested to buy this call recorder gadget for iPhone, it is currently on sale and costs $125 USD (shipping included). And shipping period can last within 2 weeks.

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    Nice Post Arsie! And a perfect product for me to find right now. The PhotoFast Call Recorder can make life a lot easier. And as you said, I use Skype a lot and keeping track of calls and projects will be a lot easier with a gadget like this. And sometimes, you just want to kinda rewind what you heard and make sure that you’ve got all the details straight. This will let us do that! Thanks!


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