The Story Behind Bug Thinking! – About Us

Thank you and WELCOME!

First of all let me greet you a warm welcome and thank you for visiting Bug Thinking!

So what about us? The Bug Thinking was founded in February 2015 with one ultimate goal – share my own experiences in the world of blogging. Most especially in the world of technology which keeps on growing everyday. I have started in the blogging business since 2010 and owned several blogs since then. And probably you are wondering now why I created another tech and blogging website. This is because I wanted to re-create a new tech blog site where the focus is to help and provide guides to aspiring people who wanted to put up their own blog. That’s the first on my agenda. And second, to provide unbiased review of gadgets or any tech device for our readers. And many more, as long as it is tech and blog related.

Bug Thinking is being hosted by HostGator and the CMS we’re using is WordPress. The design of our site is powered by Theme Junkie. These are tiny information about what Bug Thinking is “currently” made of. We will be sharing more about our Blogging Resources as we go along.

 People behind Bug Thinking

Meet us – growing, young and dynamic team working together to provide our readers all over the world all sides of each stories. The team behind Bug Thinking are not ordinary researchers and writers. We are all experienced – probably PROS by now. We’ve been through the ups and downs in this industry so we can ensure you that we’ll bring out nothing but the best.

You can also become a part of our growing team, as always. You can help us to grow by either contributing more factual information, sharing the information with your friends or even collaborate with us.